Laughter is the best medicine – Even if you’re not sick, but it helps.

The Comedians listed below are all among the finest in Canada. Their shows are clean, professional, fresh and genuinely exciting.
We know them all and they are fun to work with. They all differ, except in one way – audiences love them.


Johnny Bagpipes has an upbeat, fun show with great routines that everyone can relate to...from coming home after curfew to the trials of car rentals...Johnny is a hit.


Roman’s 5-year CTV pedigree speaks for itself. A master at improv and interaction, Roman’s shows have everyone in stitches with the way he’s able to involve and tailor his performance to your organization


Michael Harrison is the perfect blend of comedy and ventriloquism as his routines are all very fresh and genuinely funny, different and interactive. Years of award-winning success at sea has made his show a  comedy hit!


Tracey Bell is a Nuclear explosion of Energy with her 8 Divas in 45 mins show. You won’t believe your eyes as the costumes and characters change...well....before your eyes! Very interactive and lots of fun.


This show gives you options: Reg or Deluxe! 15 stars in just 60, high-energy performers impersonating all your favourite stars one after the other with hilarious results. Very interactive and funny.